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Jim's Own Mild - One of the best sauces in the south!

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Southern Living sampled nearly 100 barbecue sauces and chose the 13 best. We're proud to be one of the winners! Click for the full story.

What our fans say

"We LOVE it, have recommended to tons of people and have for years."
—Heather M. in Atlanta, GA
"I have a quart jar of Jim's Mustard sauce and I really love it!"
—Michael B. in Raleigh, NC
"Thanks so much for providing such a great product! I don't know if you knew, but it is so versatile! I have used it diluted as a flavoring for beef or chicken soup, I have used it as a reduced sauce with broth for chicken and veggies. I have also poured it on frozen meatballs and baked them...oooh so good. And lastly, I have sauteed chicken in it. I am anxious to see what else I can do with it! It tastes good no matter what! Thanks again!"
—Tiffany B.
"Hi Dawn, I really love this bb-que sauce have been using it since Jim was selling it at the flea market I used to order it buy mail but can't seem to any more since you guy's have taken over. I hope you get your mailing together soon cause I only have a half gallon left. I am coming to North Carolina at the end of the month, and hopefully I will have enough room to bring back three cases, I have been told that it is sold in more stores now, just don't know the names. Can you help?"
—Love, Sandy M., Raleigh, NC
"Thanks for your help. I am a southern girl living out West and I need my bar-b-que fix. My friend brought me a bottle back from NC over the summer and I have been rationing it so it will last. I would love to be able to get some more!"
—Stephanie N, Broomfield Colorado
"Bought some of your delicious sauce on my way back from Myrtle Beach about a month ago. I bought the Mild sauce and I think it's great! I'd like to get more, and maybe try a different one, medium? if you make it. Seriously, your sauce is very good. Not real heavy or thick, (sometimes that's ok but not always...), and it has a great taste that can't be found it a store. Please let me know if I can buy more on line, or thru a mail order. Great stuff !!! Thanks for any info."
—Tom F.
"I received the free Smokey Rub yesterday. Thank you so much! I have the Mild Rub now and used it last week on some ribs which were awesome. I can't wait to try the Smokey!"
—Scott S. in Asheville, NC
"Love It, so good, had a sample at Costco and purchased a large bottle, then last week at my local Harris Teeter I got the one with the mustard, all I can say it “good job”, it’s delicious. Tonight I’m making my chicken legs with it, last week had it on my fish, excellent."
—MJ in Charlotte, NC
"Finally …a sauce with great taste not just heat!! This product is a WOW!"
—La Donna H
"Used some of your Smokey rub on some baby back ribs this weekend and cooked on my Big Green Egg. Loved the flavor! Would love to try out other sauces and rubs. Used the same Smokey Rub today on a 9.5lb Boston Butt. Taste turned out beautifully!"
—Matthew H. in Thomasville, NC
"Killer ribs, with Jim's rub and sauce. If this isn't heaven, I damned sure must be close."
—Tim R in Mebane, NC

A NC home-style
family sauce

Jim's Own sauce is an award winning range of Home-style North Carolina BBQ Sauces, Rubs and more that started out of Jim Arnold's house in Durham during the mid-1990's. Jim, a teacher in Durham NC, used his mom’s old sauce recipe and became so successful that he went into the sauce business full time in 1997.

Jim's Own offers consumers high quality, gluten free sauces. The range includes Mild, Hot, Mustard, Smokey, a low country Eastern NC style Vinegar and Sticky Q - a dark, velvety, thicker sauce made with real molasses. Our flavor packed rubs come in 3 delicious varieties Mild, Smokey, and Safari. For more details about our sauces and rubs go to the PRODUCTS page.

The Jim’s Own Team and their families

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